On Our Soil Serial

5. He's Trippin'

“What is wrong with you,” Lucas asked, still a bit shocked by what just happened.

“I needed to see for myself,” the man replied. “Needed to see if you could really do it.”

“Do what,” Lucas asked.

“Heal people.”

“This isn’t some party trick,” Lucas replied, angry at the sentiment as he turned to Emma. “This… power… it isn’t doing us any favors. We need to leave.”

“No,” Emma said matter-of-factly as she stared blankly ahead, as if in another world. “We’re exactly where we need to be.”

Lucas shook his head and looked back at the man and his bleeding gut. He proceeded to lay hands on him and pray as the bright light appeared and the ground shook.

“What is happening,” the man asked.

“When God shows up,” Emma said softly, “The earth trembles.”

6. There Ain't No "We" Either

“If you think you’ll be calling the shots out here, let’s hash this out right now,” Tombs told Gibbs as the two left the OWG building and stepped out into the cold, sterile street of the protected zone. “I don’t do teams.”

“I’m technically your boss,” Gibbs replied. “So-”

“You’re technically a desk jockey and Tyre’s pet,” Tombs interjected. “Let’s not lose perspective.”

Gibbs laughed unfazed. “After we drag Lucas back and end this little uprising, you and me can go a few rounds to see what’s what.”

“Can’t wait,” Tombs replied as he suddenly stopped walking, spun around and saw someone quickly duck into the alley.

“Someone’s tailing us,” Tombs said to himself, but loud enough for Gibbs to hear.

7. A Wary Shepherd

The grocery store had been long abandoned by the employees, who were either killed by wandering pirates or fled to the relative safety of the nearest protected zone. The small band of survivors quickly walked the scant aisles, desperately looking for any food that may have been overlooked on the shelves.

“When I pledged to help, I didn’t know I’d be a babysitter,” Zeke told the hooded figure standing in the corner. “Why did He saddle me with these people?”

“Shepherds are revered in high places,” the angel Devon said as he motioned to the sky.

“But I’m down here and I don’t want to be held responsible if something happens,” Zeke replied, apparently loud enough to catch the attention of Ava who walked over.

“Who are you talking to, Zeke,” she asked. “Everything okay?”

Zeke put on a fake smile and nodded, “Yea, it’s all good.”

8. And Then There Were Three

“I’m not really crazy,” Trip said. “That’s just what they want you to believe.”

“You stabbed yourself,” Lucas replied. “I think that’s what you want me to believe.”

“But I knew you could do it,” the man insisted. “Heal me.”

Tired, irritated and little annoyed, Lucas turned and pressed a finger into Trip’s chest. “You don’t get it. I’m not doing anything. I can’t snap my fingers and resurrect the dead or anything. You’re lucky the man upstairs thinks you need to stick around.”

“We need to focus,” Emma interjected as the sound of people yelling and a bottle breaking was heard not too far off. “And we also need to get off the streets.”

“I’m actually considered a genius,” Trip continued as if uninterested in the nearby commotion. “Scored off the charts on these tests they gave me. You’ll see I’m a good asset to keep around. I mean, God thought so.”

Lucas shot Emma a sarcastic smile before scanning the area for a place to lay low.

9. Shots Fired

The bullet ripped through Gibbs’ shoulder and he stumbled backwards into the alley wall as Tombs ducked into a shallow doorway and pulled his gun.

“You gonna live,” Tombs asked Gibbs who had slid down the wall and was crawling back around the corner.

“It’s through and through,” Gibbs grunted. “I’ll be fine, but that’s not what you wanted to hear is it?”

Tombs shrugged and turned his attention back to the mysterious shooter at the end of the alley. Another shot rang out and flecks of brick rained down above his head, but Tombs ignored them and took notice of the bright muzzle flash.

Aiming his gun down the alley, he fired twice, shattering a large second-story window that immediately fell down into the alley below. A loud scream later, Tombs smiled and walked over to see the would-be assassin laying on his side, a glass dagger wedged in his back.

“Who sent you,” Tombs asked.

“God,” the man replied.

“Well then,” Tombs said as he lifted up his gun. “Tell him I said hi.”

10. Holy Meeting

“The humans you selected aren’t cooperating as much as I’d like,” Devon said to a glowing aura in the white throne room.

“They will come around,” a voice replied. “It’s worse when higher beings begin to get ideas of their own. Those rebellions last.”

“I don’t mean to question your plan,” Devon said, lowering his head in reverence.

“Then don’t,” the voice said. “Guard the healer and the shepherd. It’s not going to get easier for them… or you.”

In an instant, the aura was gone and the angel was standing alone in a desolate country chapel that time and people had forgotten.

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