On Our Soil

A new world order kicked in and people began to get flashes of Big Brother looking over their shoulders. They got scared. They abandoned the big cities first, because that’s where things went bad originally. Don’t side with the government…suffer the consequences. Now the darkness is spreading into the suburbs, too. And then some.

Darkness breeds in this new America where those standing against the tide are tossed to the wolves, fending for themselves in order to survive. And then there’s Lucas. He just wants to get back home to his family. However, given his mysterious recent past, that isn’t gonna be easy.


LUCAS: Our hero. Suddenly gifted with the power to heal, Lucas reluctantly accepts that he has this ability, but uses it when he can. He was separated from his wife Ava and son Gabe when the initial hysteria of the OWG Eminent Domain takeover ensued and he just wants to get home.

EMMA: A young woman trying to find her place in the changing landscape. She has the ability to see the future in visions right before they happen.

ZEKE: A savvy roughneck, Zeke was an expert mechanic and electrical engineer before the OWG takeover, and has always had great understanding of any and all machines and electronics. He finds himself a reluctant shepherd in these dark times.

AVA: Lucas’ wife and mother of his child (Gabe) who is forced to leave their home to seek shelter when the OWG cracked down on believers and dissenters. She joined a group of revolutionaries and desperately searches for Lucas in each town they enter.

TRIP: There is little known about Trip’s past before the OWG takeover except that he was in a mental institution before the chaos began and has since been experiencing brief psychotic episodes. He used to live in a Protected Zone and has been implanted with a UID (Universal Identification) chip, but his memory is sketchy and doesn’t remember life inside the zone.

DEVON: An angel sent by God to fight against the OWG. He acts as a guardian of sorts for Lucas.

PRESIDENT TYRE: Defacto leader of the One World Government (OWG.) He carried out Satan’s biddings during the crash of the world economy and the Great War where the OWG took power over the world’s last remaining resources. The OWG left the world either in slavery or destitution. Now that billions are suffering, Tyre’s meager allocations to those in Protected Zones see him as their savior.

GIBBS: The newly-appointed leader of the secret elite OWG Police force known as the Dark Cell that answers directly to the President Tyre.

TOMBS: A Dark Cell agent charged with bringing Lucas in who is also starting to question his faith in the OWG.

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