On Our Soil - YouTube Web Series

A new world order kicked in and people began to get flashes of Big Brother looking over their shoulders. They got scared. They abandoned the big cities first, because that’s where things went bad originally. Don’t side with the government…suffer the consequences. Now the darkness is spreading into the suburbs, too. And then some.

Darkness breeds in this new America where those standing against the tide are tossed to the wolves, fending for themselves in order to survive. And then there’s Lucas. He just wants to get back home to his family. However, given his mysterious recent past, that isn’t gonna be easy.

The Locker

Fact, fantasy and paranoia become intertwined when a young woman claims to have been kidnapped and tortured by a masked manic. Was it all a delusion or is the evil still out there?


We made a movie in a day: We traveled 467 miles, to 20 locations, with 18 actors, in less than 24 hours. The lead actress wasn’t given a script, a story line, or even her character name. She ‘woke up’ in a hotel room with no memory, and her only goal was to figure out who she was. We rehearsed with 17 of the actors for 3 days leading up to the shoot day. The other actors couldn’t have a script either, we would never know what Shannon would say or how she would react. The other actors could only work off of goals and motivations.

We blindfolded Shannon Lucio for wardrobe, she wasn’t allowed to see her hair and makeup. And we dropped her in a city she doesn’t know, Dallas, and she had to ‘choose her own adventure’. There were no second takes, no rehearsals for Shannon. Everything that she experiences, everything that she sees, and every decision that she makes is the first time it is ever happening. It was the hardest thing I’ve ever done, but its the most amazing thing to watch. She truly had no idea what was going to happen to her.

Story: Without any memory of who she is or her past, Blair (Shannon Lucio) wakes up in a hotel room with a dead body. After receiving a mysterious phone call, she flees in search of answers and is immediately pursued by a corrupt organization that is determined to keep the truth of her identity concealed. With the help of Victoria (Cassie Shea Watson) and Frank (Stephen Brodie), Blair is confronted with a sequence of startling discoveries that exposes a reality she never could’ve imagined.

The Plethora Codex - Sci-Fi & Fantasy Short Story Collection

Meet a washed up boxer who discovers endless power. Follow a traveler who is responsible for the fate of an entire planet. Discover what happens when technology becomes our downfall. Read about a mechanic who transcends time. Find out about when sound stood still and the heavens stopped. Be immersed in a world where your fate is decided at birth. Learn about the origins of our world long before we arrived. Seven different stories. One book.

The Darth Jar Jar Tales - A Star Wars Short Story Fan Fiction Collection

As Order 66 is executed by the Emperor, Jar Jar’s charade as the humble representative from Naboo comes to a close and he leaves the crumbling Galactic Senate to pursue his nefarious plans under the guise of the mysterious Palo, leader of the criminal organization known as The Palo Syndicate. As soon as Jar Jar vanishes from Coruscant, Emperor Palpatine begins to fear that his old ally knows too much concerning the events leading up to the Clone Wars, as well as the real reason behind the Jedi witch hunt, and worries that this knowledge could lead to a political coup, so he secretly sends a team of soldiers to silence the Gungan. Little does the Emperor know, Jar Jar is much more of a phantom menace than anyone could possibly realize.

Follow Darth Jar Jar throughout 5 amazing fan fiction tales and connect with some familiar faces in addition to great new characters along the way. This dark, twisted and unexpected tour takes you through an alternate galaxy far, far away in an attempt to show you what might have been if the popular “Jar Jar is a Sith” theory would’ve gone a different direction. Now THIS is head canon!

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